Web developmentJuly 05, 2017

What is a Website Builder?

Whenever you want to start a business or want your business online, you will need you develop a website for your business. A website builder is a software which you allow to make a website online. This software will reside on a server at hosting company. 

Functionality When you making a website you will know about the functionality of your website.  For what purpose you want to make the website. If you need e-commerce, podcast support, video integration, forum management, or lead generation. Make sure your chosen website builder supports the functionality you need possibly.   

Ease of Use whenever you making a website it will user-friendly and you will keep refreshing your server as living documents. Put easy content to your website which easily understands to the clients. 

Multimedia Support We are living in a multimedia world. People expect written content, videos, images, and audio files. A quality software package will offer all of these and allow you to add such files effortlessly. 

Mobile Responsiveness your website must be responsive because today every person or businessmen use mobile. So your website must be responsive. 

Speed and Performance Because mobile is a must have feature, speed and performance will be too. Your website has to load fast and not chew through a ton of mobile data.

Search Engine Optimization You need some quality SEO for your website to rank and bring in search traffic.  You should be able to create SEO friendly URLs, headers, Meta titles, Meta descriptions, alt text, XML sitemaps, and have appropriate robot.txt file options.

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